KoolKap® Heavy Duty (HD) Down-Under Bag

Why choose the KoolKap® Heavy Duty (HD) Down-Under Bag?

Already adopted by numerous Australian mines with great success, the KoolKap® Heavy Duty (HD) Down-Under Bag delivers a huge leap forward in strength and durability.

With a unique co-extrusion construction, it features:

  • A single-skin bag made from thicker, stronger multi-layer plastic, enabling better grip, increased resistance against gas permeation, and superior load handling (up to 1760kg dead weight versus 1550kg for traditional, double-skin bags)
  • A customised aerosol gas formula (the only bag to offer this in Australia) designed for different altitudes of up to 6500m, preventing expansion and explosion in order to protect your crew.
  • The ability to load in only 2 minutes and hold for 14 days, with no slippage or damage to the bag, allowing for greater productivity.
  • Durable design in response to harsh Australian weather conditions, making it suitable for use all over the world (including climates of extreme humidity, heat, and cold).
  • Proven performance with zero failure rate and tested heat stability up to 65o Celcius, crucial in hot Australian temperatures.
  • Australian manufacture under a globally-recognised Quality Management System ISO 9001, with the ability to customise bags in a range of sizes and styles.
  • Non-toxic, low environmental footprint with a Global Warming Potential of only 1 compared to competitors at 1430.
  • Superior customer support, with a team of Territory Managers dedicated to offering fast, flexible solutions.
  • And, all at a significantly cheaper price than the traditional double-skin alternatives.

How is it cheaper?

It’s not often you find a genuinely superior product at a cheaper price, but that’s exactly what we’ve achieved with the KoolKap Heavy Duty (HD) Down-Under Bag.

Because the product only uses a single bag, with manufacture taking place right here in Australia, our production process is far quicker and cheaper than traditional alternatives. This enables us to offer the product at a significantly reduced price – delivering both productivity and economic benefits.

What next?

Ready to try this exciting new technology for yourself?
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