PR Polymers prides itself on being a local Australian manufacturer of our “KoolKap Down-Under” range of blast/gas bags.

KoolKap Down-Under Bags are manufactured under a globally recognised “Quality Management System” ISO 9001:2015.

KoolKap Down-Under Bags has the guaranteed safest climate impact, and is an environmental solution.

Low Operator risk, as well as a significantly reduced carbon footprint in line with your “Code of Conduct” and business ethics policy.

Marked ChemAlert green, KoolKap’s “patented DME brew” has a Global Warming Potential of 1 compared to offshore HFC based blast bags of 1430.

Hydrofluorocarbon’s (HFC’s) – The facts that can’t be ignored

HFC’s are harmful chemicals that contain hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon.

Little to no education is out there in understanding bulk contribution caused to Global Warming and our environment when using HFC based blast bags based on volume.

The emphasis to the “phase-down” of HFC has been directly pointed at more commonly used equipment such as fridges and air- conditioning units, including the automotive industry.  The Mining Industry is in fact a large contributor for direct unregulated release of HFC daily!

Approximately 6 x blast bags are the equivalent of 1 x standard 3KW air-conditioning system primed with HFC gas.  Certainly, puts things into perspective when top hole bagging / gamma logging.

Piercing the bags in a well-ventilated area falls short of acceptable risk management practice with no consideration to climate conservation.

Licensing and high governing regulations are in place with very complex waste management controls.

Fines do apply to direct and deliberate release under the Australian Ozone and Synthetic Greenhouse Management Act. The Department of the Environment and Energy states the penalties are as high as $63,000 for individuals, and up to $315,000 for corporations.

Imported blast bags that carry HFC’s are proven to be extremely harmful to the environment and every miner’s health.  It’s time for the mining industry to take action!  The best and safest choice toward a reduced carbon footprint with the lowest operator and climate exposure is KoolKap.

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